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Solar Pumps

With over 20+ years specifically in the solar pumping sector, we have established ourselves as leaders in solar pumping right across the New England.  Providing designs and sizing services, installation and onsite repairs and servicing to all three major brands Lorentz, Grundfos and Mono. We are the company to go to for your solar pumping needs. 

We are commonly asked 'how much can a solar pump do?' and really the modern day answer is anything a mains grid electric pump can do, its all in the sizing and design of the system.  Correctly sized solar systems are just as reliable as mains grid electricity, and with the recent developments of battery storage and true hybrid generator blending systems, there is no reason your stand alone solar pumping system can't be as reliable as the grid, if not in remote locations more reliable.  

Our team are committed to ensuring your system is designed and installed to the best standard possible, with thought from the initial consultation to commissioning on ensuring longevity and easy servicing.  A solar pumping system purchased through Armidale Pumps & Irrigation will be a great asset on your property for years to come. 

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